Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, a master brewer can help you brew your beer successfully. All beer brewing packages include 2 sessions. The first session is the most elaborate and devotes itself to making the beer itself.The second session is scheduled two to three weeks after the first (timing depends on the style of beer chosen). Each session lasts approximately 2 hours from start to finish.

Session 1: Brewing

1. We will help you select one of our recipes that matches your personal taste and show you how to measure/weigh the perfect amount of the proper ingredients.

2. You will be assigned a brewing kettle in which to boil the wort. Wort is the water, grain and extract mixture that is the basic ingredient of beer.
3. At the proper time during the boil, you’ll add hops to the wort. Hops affect the bitterness, flavor and aroma of the beer and also acts as a natural preservative.
4. Once the boil is completed, you will assist the brewmaster in cooling your wort through the heat exchanger while it is being transferred into the fermentation vessel.
5. At this point, the brewmaster will add the yeast. Yeast eats the malt sugar and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide.
6. The fermentation process takes about two to three weeks, depending on the style of beer you chose. During this time, your beer will be stored in our temperature controlled rooms.

Session 2: Bottling

1. When you return, your beer will have gone through our filtering and carbonation process. Now you can bottle & cap your very own beer.

2. Optional Add-On: After your beer has been bottled, you can choose to add on labels from our stock inventory or even create your own!
3. Bring it home, enjoy, empty and repeat!


At Chill and Fresh, you can choose from two different size batches.
5 gallons or 15 gallons, depending on the size of your party and how many beers you want to take home.Regardless of the batch size you choose, we pack freshly brewed beer in our signature 22 oz bottles as shown in the chart below. please. If you have any questions, please contact us or schedule your first session today!

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